the emotion monster game

Welcome to the void.

It's nice and quiet down here, so you can take a deep breath and relax. Have a cup of tea while you enjoy the sunset. The monsters in your head are your friends.

The void. It's nonexistent and nonbinding. It doesn't return anything. That's how the void works: it is our conscious universe - a pocket of space that does not exist in reality. Our own personal world. Just thoughts and emotions walking around.

What is a Voidpet?

Voidpets are figments of your imagination that are spawned from your emotions. You can tell what emotion family your Voidpet is in from its eye shape, and how mature it is by how many eyes it has on its body.

As thoughts in the void, we coexist with emotions and build relationships with them. We get to travel with them, care for them, and watch them grow.

Voidpet forms

More eyes, more awareness.

While early stage Voidpets are curious, young critters with plenty of room to grow, later stage Voidpets are large, wise, creatures that have lived a lifetime of nuanced emotion.

Some believe that capturing a Voidpet is a mark of self awareness, and raising one is a testament to self mastery. It is said that the masters of the void are the masters of themselves.

Voidpet levels

Vivid variants